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Grow Green International (GGI) is an organization, formed with an aim to restore the environment through waste management and efficient utilization of alternate green energy sources.   In a short span of 4 years, the organization’s efforts have borne fruit and it is now a leading NGO from the southern Indian state of Kerala, providing alternate energy and Municipal Solid Waste Management  through Bio-Digesters, Solar Power Systems, Plastic to Fuel Conversion units, Harvested Rainwater Injection Systems, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Canals & Backwater Dredging Projects. more

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The Biogas Solutions

It's a double edged solution to face the garbage issue. As the name indicates, Bio-Gas is generated from biodegradable waste like vegetables, fruits, food waste, fecal matters of animals and human beings etc. A Bio-Gas plant helps us to effectively process ...


Solar Energy

To protect EARTH from the menace of CO2  in the atmospere, Solar energy released from the electro-magnetic radiations emitted from the sun is increasingly being put to use. The amount of solar energy received by earth is over 150 trillion kilowatts, ...


Sewage Treatment

GGI  is promoting Sewage Treatment Plants to reduce health hazards and stop damage to our natural environment. GGI offers most comprehensive cost effective and highly reliable STPs & WTPs and services to Industries, Municipal Townships, ..


GST Suvidha Kendra

Growgreen International is an accomplished nongovernmental agency who successfully completed the task entrusted by Hon High Court of Kerala which had been marked as excellent is associating with the GSTN listed Suvidha provider ...

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We are focusing on redefining waste management, generation of green energy, bio gas and bio manure, rain water harvesting and forestation. 

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